Jennifer Dixon

"To become an equestrian, riders must use all of their senses to communicate successfully with the horse. To master these skills ~ one must develop courage, mental toughness, coordination and dedication.” ~ JL Dixon

JL Dixon Stables provides a safe, friendly environment where riders of all ages can become true equestrians and champions.

Jennifer Dixon draws from her extensive experience as an accomplished rider and award-winning competitor specializing in American Saddlebreds, Hackney Ponies, Friesian and Morgan horses. She creates customized training for amateur riders of every age and ability, preparing them for competition at the local, regional and national levels. Jennifer is committed to ensuring a safe environment for horses and their riders and to maintaining standards of professional excellence. She is a member of:


"My passion is to cultivate a dynamic relationship between rider and horse; to strengthen the best qualities in both, and to create a winning team. It’s exciting when my students advance to the next level of competition. It’s also rewarding to hear how the self-confidence mastered in the ring translates to other areas of their lives including school and work”. ~ Jennifer Dixon

She is the former Chapter Chairman of UPHA, Chapter 1(2009, 2008) and was awarded UPHA Chapter “Person of the Year” (2008, 2007).

Jennifer was featured in Saddle Horse Report 9/12/2011 for her success as both a trainer and a business woman: You can download a copy of the article here: Saddle Horse Report part oneSaddle Horse Report part two.